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Business Card Recognition (BCR)

Document Recognition (OCR)

ID Recognition

With a history of more than 20 years, Yunmai’s business card recognition has been a leader in China for the recognition rate and recognition speed. Yunmai’s document recognition solution has been used in different industries. Yunmai’s ID Recognition supports various credentials including ID card, driving license, passport and more.
Engine: Our engine has been developed for more than 20 years, especially on mobile devices, and supports various languages. It’s written by C language.
Server: The server is based on Java and supported by Ali Cloud’s SLB service. So the server has excellent dependability and processing capacity for big data.
API: use HTTP, which is a quicker way to upload binary packages and return the XML results.
1) Fast recognition, high recognition rate
2) Based on cluster technology
3) Be platform-independent
4) Support contacts-based custom service
5) Combine Java-based server and C-based engine
Cloud OCR on Aipim.cn
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